Welcome to the EPHS Block website

Welcome everyone to the Eden Prairie Block wiki!

We have created this website in the hopes that it will be useful. We make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information given, and we are not to be held responsible for the work you turn in.

First off, you should sign up and apply for our site!

A great place to get started is the Calendar, where you can see the notes for a particular day.

Also feel free to use the forums. Anything that comes out of there should also be added to the relevant wiki pages.

The point of this site is to allow everyone to contribute to each other's learning experience.
Anyone may edit this website to the benefit of all others. (You do need an account, though)

NEW (12/10/09)! If you've taken the Chapter 24 test, consider submitting your score to Erik Swan's Block Testing Tool so that we can all see the average performance on the latest test along with graphs and other cool details!

You can also take a look at the website for the book, Liberty, Equality, and Power.

Here are some simple requests we'd like to make:

  • If you're reading this and are not in the Block, then this website has nothing to offer you. Please do not edit or comment on any of the pages.
  • Please do not vandalize our pages. We reserve the right to deny you access to the editing features of this website.
  • This is a STUDY website. NOBODY may upload completed, or partially completed homework assignments, essays, etc.. This is cheating, and against the spirit of the site.
  • Overall, just use your head. This site is here to help. Since we're all in the Block, there shouldn't be any issues.

I'm new to wiki sites. How does this all work?
Please check out the How To section. It provides links that should answer any questions. If you still have questions, Contact us.

Do I need to sign up to view the notes?
No, you only need to create an account and join the site if you want to contribute. The more contributors, the better, though!

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