1948 and 1952 Elections


  • Democrat- Truman
    • Energetic campaign, confident
    • Voter loyalty to the New Deal
    • Anticommunist, tough national security
  • Republican- Dewey
    • polls predicted he would win, didn't try very hard
    • So confident he would win that he booked the hotel suite the president used
  • State's Rights (Dixicrats)- Thurmond
    • Popular in South, segregationist
  • Progressive- Wallace
    • no electoral votes


  • Democrat- Adlai Stevenson, segregationist
  • Republican- Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon
    • K1C2 "Korea, corruption, and communism"
    • Truman rating down
    • Conservatives win all states
    • Eisenhower was the first military leader to become president since Grant
    • Republicans control House, Senate, and Presidency
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