Allies And Central Powers
  • Europe divided by alliances
  • Made event of Archduke Ferdinand's assassination a continental crisis
  • The Central Powers, or Triple Alliance consisted of:
    • Germany
    • Austria-Hungary
    • Italy, left to be replaced by the Ottoman Empire
  • The Allies, or Triple Entente:
    • Britain
    • France
    • Russia

War starts:

  • Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary assassinated by Princip
    • Bosnian Nationalist
    • To encourage revolution among Balkan people
  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia (formerly part of the Austria-Hungary Empire)
    • Serbia allied with Russia outside the Triple Entente
    • Russia goes to war against Austria-Hungary
  • Germany mobilizes troops to retaliate against Russia
    • Retaliation: attacks France
    • Marches through NEUTRAL Belgium to get there
  • Britain reacts by declaring war on Germany
  • Areas involved at this point:
    • Central:
      • Austria-Hungary
      • Germany
    • Allies:
      • Russia
        • Serbia
      • France
      • Britain
        • Belgium

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia-Russia declares war on Germany declares war on France-Britain declares war on Germany.
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  • All countries expected the war to end quickly
    • 4 years! 1914-1918
    • Trench Warfare
    • Advances in war technology include:
      • Barbed wire
      • Poisonous gas
      • Tanks
      • Submarines
      • Airplanes
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