Boxer Rebellion
Opium War
  • All the turmoil started with the opium war between Britain and China
  • China lost and gave parts of its land to Britain
  • Hong Kong, a major trade center was given away
The Boxers
  • These were young men who practiced rituals that made them "invincible" to swords or guns
  • They resented foreigners
    • Felt oppressed by Christian Missionaries
    • Did not want to be "educated" or "civilized"
  • They created an uproar against the foreigners
  • They tore up railroads, killed Chinese Christians, and fought against the foreigners.
  • The Manchu government agreed to these provisions
    • $333 million payment to compensate for damages
    • The Execution of 100 Boxer Leaders
    • The exclusion of and Chinese Residents from the Legation Quarter
    • The destruction of Chinese forts outside of Tianjin
    • The permanent stationing of foreign troops at various places between Beijing and Tianjin
    • The death penalty for any member of an anti-foreign group like the Boxers
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