Chapter 21 Timeline
Year Event
1889 Hull House established
1890 - 1904 All ex-Confederate states pass laws designed to disfranchise black voters. Virtually all states adopt the Australian (secret) ballot
1900 La Follette elected governor of Wisconsin. City commission plan inroduced in Galveston, Texas
1901 - 1914 More than 1,000 African Americans lynched
1901 Johnson elected reform mayor of Cleveland. McKinley assassinated; Roosevelt becomes president
1902 Direct primary introduced in Mississippi. Initiative and referendum introduced in Oregon. Roosevelt sides with workers in coal strike
1903 McClure's Magazine publishes Standard Oil exposé. Federal court dissolves Northern Security Company
1904 Roosevelt defeats Alton B. Parker for presidency
1905 National Forest Service established
1906 La Folletter elected to U.S. Senate. Congress passes Hepburn Act. Upton Sinclair publishes The Jungle. Congress passes Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act
1907 Reformer Hughes elected New York governor. Financial panic shakes economy
1908 Taft defeats Bryan for presidency
1909 Congress passes Payne-Aldrich tariff bill
1910 Ballinger-Pinchot controversy. NAACP founded. Wilson elected governor of New Jersey
1911 National Urban League founded. City manager plan introduced in Sumer, South Carolina. Wisconsin Industrial Commission established
1912 Roosevelt forms Progressive Party. Wilson defeats Roosevelt, Taft, and Debs for presidency (shot down!)
1913 16th and 17th Amendments ratifies. Congress passes Underwood-Simmons Tariff. Congress establishes Federal Reserve system
1914 Congress establishes Federal Trade Commission. Congress passes Clayton Antitrust Act
1916 Louis Brandeis appointed to Supreme Court. Kern-McGillicuddy Act, Keating-Own Act, and Adamson Act passed. National Park Service formed. National Women's Party founded
1919 18th Amendment ratified
1920 19th Amendment rarified
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