Chicago World's Fair

World’s Columbian Exhibition, 1893

  • 30 million admissions (total US pop. 63 million)
  • 2 parts- White City and Midway
    • White City: Ideal rep. of middle class neighborhood, represented wealth of Chicago businessmen and America’s international standings.
      • Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building (largest building in the world at the time) converted into department store.
      • Technology on display: phonograph and kinetoscope (early film projector)
    • Midway
      • Conglomeration of displays from around the world (animals, dancing)
      • 1st Ferris wheel (246 ft, 36 cars, each held 60 passengers, 2,100 max capacity)
  • Buffalo Bill not allowed
    • Sets up show outside fair
    • Very good business
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