CIA Operations
  • Shift focus from Europe to Third-World
    • Philippians, Cuba, Iran, Guatemala, Lebanon, Israel, France, Chile, Vietnam, Korea, etc.
    • Philippians: Magsaysay, strong anti-communist, put in power
    • Iran: replaced left-leaning government w/ Shah
    • Guatemala: w/ United Fruit company- topple govt.
    • Mutual Security Program and Military Assistance Program
      • $3 billion/yr, anti-communism, supported dictatorships
    • Paraguay (Nazi in power), Venezuela, Peru, all U.S.-supported dictators
    • General policy: “do nothing to offend the dictators, they are the only people we can depend on” leads to Yankeephobia
    • Cuba
      • Fungencio Batista, corrupt, U.S.-supported despot, gambler
      • Overthrown by Castro, 1959
      • Eisenhower imposes economic boycott on Cuba
      • Castro goes to USSR for economic aid
      • CIA plans Bay of Pigs, Operation Mongoose
      • Works w/ organized crime after Castro closes casinos
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