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Election of 1900:

  • McKinley (Republican) vs. Bryan (Democrat)
  • McKinley chooses Theodore Roosevelt as running mate
    • too radical for Republican Party
    • Made him V.P. to shut him up— get him out of N.Y.
  • McKinley is assassinated by Leon Czolgosz, Tecumseh Curse
  • Roosevelt becomes president

Election of 1904:

  • Roosevelt (Republican) vs. Alton B. Parker (Democrat- Bryan decided not to run!)
  • Roosevelt's “Square Deal”
    • Promises to make things fair for Americans
    • Continue Reform
    • 57% of popular vote
  • Roosevelt gets second term

Election of 1908:

  • Taft (Republican) vs. Bryan (Democrat)
  • Roosevelt decides not to seek reelection
    • Washington's 2-term rule
    • Failing party support
    • Choses Taft as successor
  • Taft wins with 52%
  • Taft turns out to be more conservative than Roosevelt thought

Election of 1912:

  • Taft (Republican) vs. Wilson (Democrat) vs. Roosevelt (Progressive) vs. Debs (Socialist)
  • Ballinger-Pinchot controversy causes Roosevelt's return
  • Wilson
    • only right-wing candidate
    • wins 40% of vote, remaining 60% split
  • Wilson takes Democrats LEFT
  • Taft takes Republicans RIGHT

Election of 1916:

  • Wilson vs. Charles Evans Hughes
  • Wilson reelected


William Jennings Bryan

  • Ran in 1896, 1900, and 1908
  • Democrat
  • “Cross of Gold” in 1896— “free silver”

Eugene V. Debs

  • Socialist, ran in 1912
  • only way to ensure popular control was for federal government to assume ownership of the trusts
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