Gilded Age
  • U.S. grows more urban
  • Streetcars allow growth beyond “walking city”
  • No middle class in urban areas
    • Middle class move to suburbs built around public buildings (high school, library)
    • Issues of public vs. private utilities
  • Museums
    • Funded by local and state governments
    • Labor groups want museums open on Sundays, the only day workers have off
    • Eventually (late 1880’s), museums agree.
  • Department stores and mail catalogues
    • Make it possible for everyone to have “fashionable goods” by selling in bulk for less
    • Standardization
    • Mail order catalogues allow rural communities access to urban department stores
  • Advertising becomes an industry
    • Newspapers and Magazines source of culture
    • Spread short stories, art forms, etc.
  • Robber barons/Titans of Industry
    • Form “pools”
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