Historical Revisionism

Romanticized Historical Revisionism is the act of placing a bias in history to portray a person or event in a different light.


  • People
    • Helen Keller
      • Later in life talked positively about communism relating it's rise to the "star in the east"
    • Betsy Ross never sewed the American Flag
      • In fact, she never existed
        • Neither did John Henry or Johnny Appleseed.
    • Lindberg loved Adolf Hitler and flew to Nazi Germany to teach Nazis how to fly.
    • Henry Ford loved the Nazis (not the Holocaust)
    • Columbus and his men killed countless Native Americans upon their arrival here.
      • Never hear about that in Middle School
  • Events
    • The US dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
      • The Air and Space Museum details the horrors of the bomb, but nothing about why it was dropped.
    • Holocaust
      • Two exhibits open differently: One with piles of bodies, the other with children singing.
    • What was known as the Sioux Uprising is now better known as the Dakota War
    • Custer's Last Stand is now known as Little Big Horn. It's the same national battlefield.
    • Mormons
      • People came to America for three reasons:
        • Economic Freedom
        • Political Freedom
        • Religious Freedom
      • Mormons were persecuted in the US for their religion
      • For this reason, they fled to Mexico
        • Only for that very land to be assimilated by the US in the war.
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