How To Edit Pages - Quickstart

To edit pages in this Site, simply click on edit button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor.

To create a link to a new page, use syntax: [[[new page name]]] or [[[new page name | text to display]]]. Follow the link to create a new page and instantly edit it!

Please visit Documentation pages to learn more.

Pages should fit one of two templates:

  1. Date: These pages should contain information specific to a particular lecture given by Cwod/Willey
  2. Study Topic: These pages should take their names from the study guide and be updated frequently. They shall only contain information related to their topic.
  3. Other in-class topic: The Palin the Populist page, for example. These are pages on videos, speeches, news articles.
  4. Regardless of which of the above is chosen, absolutely ALL articles must make a concentrated effort to remain neutral and only present facts. Wiki articles are for direct information taken from the original source. Any philosophical discussion should take place on the page's discussion thread or in the forums.
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