World Peace
World Peace
  • 1916
  • Wilson announced a plan to make world peace
  • Nations would solve problems through negotiation rather than war
  • Justice would replace power
League of Nations
  • A national parliament dedicated to the pursuit of peace, security, and all the world's peoples.
  • Many Americans liked the idea
  • Great support from the American Woman Suffrage Association
  • Won support from Irish and German decendents
Ireland's View
  • Irish saw England as an arrogant imperial power
  • Wanted England's strength to be sapped through a long war
  • Launched the Easter Rebellion in 1916
1916 Presidential Election
  • Martin Glynn renominated Wilson
  • Slogan was "he kept us out of war"
  • Proved effective against his pro-war opponent
  • Used this peace momentum to build the League of Nations
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