Palin the Populist

Palin the Populist is an article from the Star Tribune by David Brooks comparing Sarah Palin to the Populist Party.

David Brooks' column is distributed by the New York Times News Service.

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  • Is Palin a qualified Vice President?
    • Conservatives think so
    • Most others think she is quite unqualified
  • Conservatism used to be elitist
    • Stood against egalitarianism
    • Stood for hard-earned knowledge
    • Not anymore
  • Populist Strain of Conservatives in America
    • School knowledge suspect
    • Favor instinct to deliberation
  • Palin
    • Of the populist strain
    • Disliked by liberals and feminists
    • Appears like "one of the people"
    • Some argue that the nation's founders would have wanted someone uncertified like herself
    • After the Bush Administration, we find that the previous thought is wrong.
      • Government requires prudence, which is gained through experience
      • "Democracy is not average people selecting average leaders. It is average people with the wisdom to select the best prepared"
    • Not engaged in national issues
    • Compensates for her lack of experience with excessive decisiveness
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