Robber Barons/ Titans of Industry

Today, liberals call them Robber Barons and conservatives call them Titans of Industry. Whatever you call them, they were those at the top of the social ladder— the upper-class elite.

they include:

  • Carnegie
    • Scottish immigrant
    • Controlled the the steel industry
      • Henry Clay Frick was his plant manager
    • New York's Carnegie Hall named after him.
    • Philanthropic work included establishing the basis for a multi-billion dollar charitable foundation
  • Rockefeller
    • Controlled the Oil and Petroleum industries.
    • Rockefeller Plaza named after him
    • Regarded as the richest man in history (projections of around $318 billion)
    • Formed the basis of modern philanthropy
  • J.P. Morgan
    • Massive banker
    • Acquired Carnegie steel
    • Eventually acquired enough steel companies to create the United States Steel Corporation
  • Ford
    • Gave good wages to workers ($5/day)
    • Created the Model-T, Assembly Line
      • These required steel and petroleum from Carnegie/Rockafeller
    • Anti semite
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