Spread Of Communism

China 1949

  • Chinese Communists under Mao Zedong defeat Nationalist under Jiang Jieshi
  • People's Republic of China under Mao
  • Nationalists go to Taiwan (Formosa) and form the Republic of China
  • "loss of China"

Korean War (1950-53)

  • 1905, Japan took Korea from Russia
  • Lost after the war, carved like Germany (N like E, S like W)- 38th Parallel, against wishes of Koreans
  • Soviet Union set up a North Korean communist government under dictator Kim Il-sung
  • U.S. backed Syngman Rhee in an autocratic government in South Korea
  • 1950, Communist N. Korea invades S. Korea
  • gets to Pusan, Southern tip of S. Korea
  • General MacArthur
    • leads invasion of UN troops at Inchon
      • very risky operation, landed behind enemy lines
      • cut N. Korea supply lines and successfully pushed them back, as far as China!
    • Wants to keep going, but Truman said "no"
      • Fired 1951, very popular on home front
  • China pushed UN back to 38th Parallel
  • Armistice declared 1953, no treaty signed
  • Established DMZ, see green pkt
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