Submarine Warfare
  • It was a ship traveling from New York to London
  • Germans used the U-boat to sink it
    • Thought that there was munitions on the boat
      • Later proved true
  • 128 Americans killed, people outraged
  • Wilson asked Germany not to attack neutral people
  • A French passenger liner
  • Germans torpedoed it in 1916
  • Several Americans die, Wilson again asks Germany not to attack neutral nations
Naval Expansion
  • Wilson started to sway to the pro-war side
  • Wilson passed bills to increase naval size and to build a merchant fleet
  • While doing this, Wilson sent Colonel House to London to make peace plans
House-Grey Memorandum
  • February 22, 1916
  • Asked for America to negotiate a settlement with the Allies
  • Wilson accepts a half-hearted negotiation.
    • British become furious
    • Tension grows
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