U.S. Constitution

A copy of the U.S. Constitution is attached to the bottom of this page. For Cwod's class, you need to write the 28th amendment

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  • 16th Amendment
    • Graduated Income Tax
    • “Robin Hood”
  • 17th Amendment
    • Direct election of Senators
    • Article 1, Section 3, same wording, except 17th has “people” instead of “legislative”
  • 18th Amendment
    • Prohibition
    • WWI, punished pubs, mostly owned by Germans
    • Root beer
    • 1st asked question: Can government regulate behavior?
    • Only Amendment to be repealed— 21st
  • 19th Amendment
    • Women right to vote
    • Same wording as 15th, except 19th has “sex” instead of “race”
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